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About Me

cardiff-fashion-bloggerWelcome to Style Rarebit!

I’m Christy, a fashion graduate living in Cardiff and I started this blog 3 years ago after finishing my degree.

In the beginning I was just sharing my favourite outfits and new purchases, but have grown to cover everything from makeup and skincare, to advice and personal posts. Writing has very much become a big part of my life and this year I even landed myself a job as a content creator because of it!

My main goal is to keep myself occupied while fuelling my love of fashion, but the fact that other people read this too always amazes me. The blogging community has been my biggest source of inspiration! The support, friendships and help I’ve received always make me feel better about taking outfit pictures in the cold…

I encourage everyone to write a blog and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given since starting. Working on collaborations with brands like Dr. Martens, Pixi, House of Fraser, New Look and Benefit have been incredible and I’ve discovered so many new products that I wouldn’t have without Style Rarebit.

I hope you love my little page as much as I love creating it! and thanks for stopping by.

Christy x

Want to get in touch? Email me!    stylerarebit@gmail.com