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The Best At Home Teeth Whitening For Girls Who Love Coffee…


I couldn’t go a day without coffee but I realise that this habit is not great for my teeth. After sipping a few cups a day, for as long as I can remember, I can see that it’s taking its toll. It’s not an instant thing either, which is why it’s hard to notice until there’s a ton of staining on your teeth. Oh I know, very attractive! Keeping on top of a teeth whitening routine just doesn’t seem that possible, unless you’re Kim Kardashian and you can pay a dentist a small fortune to regularly do it for you. 

That’s why home whitening kits have become so insanely popular. I mean who hasn’t seen a hundred adverts for charcoal toothpaste? Finding something that works can be tricky though which is why I was intrigued by Smile Brilliant. They asked me to review one of their at-home kits and I was excited at the prospect of finding something that works. 


The whole experience felt a lot more luxury than picking up something from a social media advert and they have amazing reviews. I also felt that the process seemed easy and the fact that I could do it at home without having to make a dentist appointment was really appealing! Here are the facts…


How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is make your impressions, this is so easy! You’re sent a kit with some putty that you need to press into teeth. You just need to mix the white and blue putty together, squish it into the trays and then push it onto your teeth. You’ll need to do this before the putty goes hard while making sure not to bite down too much, as you’ll ruin the impression. Once you’re done, just let them dry before posting them back to Smile Brilliant. 

What’s next?

It takes a few weeks for you to receive your trays but as soon as you get them you can start the whitening process. These are just like the retainers you get after having braces except they’re softer and way more comfortable. I liked this because when they’re in you can barely feel them and they’re comfortable, unlike the hard plastic ones. 


How does it work?

The first step is to use the whitening syringe and apply a layer across the retainers before popping them in. The gel has a sticky formula which helps to hold it in place while spreading evenly across your teeth. Once you’ve applied the gel you can then pop your retainers in and leave them for 1-3 hours. You’ll need to do this every night for 7 days to get the most out of the treatment and it’s best to do it in the evening before bed. 


Teeth Whitening Hack… If you’re actively whitening your teeth then I would recommend picking up a metal straw and using it for teas, coffees or any staining drinks. I know it’s a bit of a nightmare but it’s so worth it and it’ll help to speed up the process.


After the whitening…

Once you’ve finished the whitening process you need to take out the trays, clean them and repeat the process using the desensitising gel. You’ll want to shake them after brushing off the whitening to get the trays as dry as possible so that the gel will stick. 


Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt however, if like me your teeth are on the more sensitive side then you might notice more sensitivity after using it. This is why it’s so important to use the desensitising gel every time. This made a huge difference for me and even if my teeth were sensitive after the treatment this had them back to normal within 20 minutes. I also didn’t notice any sensitivity during the day as I was using the treatment and I found it a really gentle process.


Is it expensive?

Considering how well it works, it’s definitely affordable and once you’ve got your trays you can purchase the gels separately to top up your teeth. There are different options available from around £120-142 depending on how stained your teeth are. Considering a trip to the dentist can cost up to £250 for one whitening treatment, this makes a lot more monetary sense.


Would I purchase this again?

The thing I love about Smile Brilliant was that the impressions were easy to make. I’ve tried doing this with other companies and three kits later, I just gave up. This one, however, was SO simple and the instructions were easy to follow. Using the kit is also really easy, I normally use them in the evening, after dinner and then take them out just before bed. I saw a difference in my teeth immediately and I felt like my teeth stayed whiter for longer while using this.


Smile Brilliant are giving one of you guys a full kit worth £150 🙂

Be sure to click the link below to enter, best of luck!

Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/stylerarebit

 15% off store wide code: stylerarebit15

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