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How To Apply Perfume with Shay & Blue

shay-blue-perfumeI’ll be honest, at this present moment in time I have an entire drawer dedicated to my perfume collection. Also, this morning, my friend at work told me he was chatting to a guy on Grindr who knew me because I buy so much perfume from his beauty counter. I wasn’t embarrassed. Fragrance is such an important thing, it gives you instant nostalgia, reminds you of your favourite people and makes you feel something. Your fragrance gives just as much of an impression as your outfit. I mean think about how important it is what someone smells like on a first date?

As much as we’re all a little obsessed with buying it, not many of us know how to apply it. I hate to break it to you, but simply spritzing it over yourself on your way out of the door isn’t good enough. Certain places will bring the most out of your perfume, make it last longer and give it more impact which is why it’s so important. Here’s what you need to know…

Your Pulse Points

Your pulse points are where your blood vessels sit closer to your skin and they tend to be a lot warmer which makes them a great spot for applying perfume. This is because the perfume will react with the heat and continue to give off a scent throughout the day. Your pulse points include your wrists, neck, behind your ears and the back of the knees.

Rules Of The Wrists

When applying perfume to your wrists it’s really important that you avoid rubbing them together afterwards. As tempting as it is, it forces the top notes to evaporate a lot quicker meaning you get less of an impact from your fragrance. Instead, just spray it on both wrists and leave it to settle for maximum impact.

shay-blue-perfumeSpritzing the Shay and Blue Black Tulip fragrance


Something important to know is that moisturised skin will hold onto fragrance way better than dry skin. So before applying your perfume, it’s a good shout to prep your pulse points with some fragrance-free moisturiser. Alternatively, Vaseline will do the trick just as well or an unscented lip balm which is perfect if you’re out and need a quick fragrance pick-me-up.

Utilise Your Hair

Fragrance sticks to your hair (just think about how it smells after a bbq?) so you definitely want to utilise this. Your hair will hold onto a scent for days which is perfect if you’re going longer between washes to protect its health. To apply it, just spritz it onto a brush and gently pull it through, this will stop the alcohol in the formula from drying out your locks.


Your Clothes

Just as perfume will stick to your hair it’s exactly the same principle with clothing fibres. This is great for things like coats, jackets and scarfs that you don’t wash as often as you won’t have to keep reapplying your favourite scent.


Heat, light and humidity will break down your fragrance and make it way less potent over time. To avoid this it’s important to store your bottles in a cool, dry place like your vanity rather than in the bathroom. There are some gorgeous ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck for how to store them!

I hope that with these tips you’ll feel a little less guilty about spending too much money on perfume. Just me? They’re so quick and easy but if you notice your fragrance is non-existent by lunchtime they could be a total game-changer. If you liked this post then make sure to check out the gorgeous fragrances by Shay and Blue. They’re an award-winning, boutique perfumery based in Marylebone who use natural fruits, flowers and spices to create their signature scents.

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    July 18, 2019 / 8:12 am

    Very interesting article!

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