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How To Use Every Single Pixi Rose Product

pixi-rose-products-style-rarebit-beauty-blog Pixi sent me the most insane travel bag full of their entire rose-infused range this month and it could not have come at a better time. I’m currently experiencing the worst skin month ever, including combination, dryness, breakouts and sensitivity. I already use quite a few of their products but the rose range is particularly great if you’re struggling with skin concerns.

Rose based products are anti-inflammatory so they really help to soothe your skin and reduce any irritation. They also balance the pH level and control excess oil to help prevent breakouts, all while gently moisturising and cleansing your skin. So for anyone having a bad skin month too I thought I would fill you in on each Pixi rose product and what they can do for you…

pixi-rose-products-style-rarebit-beauty-blogTone: Pixi Rose Tonic

APPLY it in the morning and the evening.

This everyday toner uses rose flower extract to soothe your skin and balance the pH to reduce redness and pigmentation. It also helps to normalise hydration levels and remove any impurities so it’s great if you’re prone to breakouts too.  I love using this in the morning to gently cleanse and hydrate my skin before I start my routine.

Hydrate: Rose Caviar Essence

APPLY it in the morning and evening after cleansing your skin on your neck and décolletage.

I’m so in love with this one, it’s so pretty! The Rose Caviar Essence is a moisturising serum made with concentrated flower oils that nourish and hydrate your skin for an instantly brighter complexion. The oils are suspended in the serum which is what makes this product look like it has tiny petals floating in it. The anti-oxidant oils will help to soften, refine and tone your skin and it’s a great everyday moisture boost for all skin types.

Nourish: Rose Oil Blend

APPLY 2 or 3 drops in the morning and evening after cleansing your skin or add 2 drops to your regular moisturiser.

This is an ultra luxurious oil that really rejuvenates and restores your skins luminosity. It’s made with rose and pomegranate oils which are packed with antioxidants that help to reverse the signs of ageing. The rich oil will help to plump your skin for a healthy, glowy appearance and you can easily add it to your other facial products using the pipette.


Set: Makeup Fixing Mist

APPLY immediately before or after applying makeup to give it maximum staying power.

This setting spray helps to prolong your makeup, stop it from slipping and prevent it from setting into fine lines and pores to give you a totally airbrushed finish. It’s made with rose water and green tea which helps to balance and soothe your skin to avoid any irritation from makeup too.

Glow: Rose Glow Mist

APPLY either before makeup to moisturise your skin or after makeup for a really natural, dewy finish.

This facial mist is infused with 7 flower oils, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to leave your skin looking seriously glowy. It will help to moisturise, improve elasticity and protect against free radicals making it a great everyday pick-me-up for your skin.


Boost: Rose Flash Balm

APPLY this as a primer in the morning, by using a thin layer to your face and neck. Alternatively apply a thick layer and use it as a mask treatment for 5-10 minutes, three times a week.

This is a thick balm that instantly adds radiance to your skin while helping to fight signs of fatigue. It’s made with rose water which helps to balance the pH levels of your skin, rose extract which minimises redness and soothes and olive leaf extract which fights signs of ageing. This is a great product to use after an early start, when your skin is looking tired to give you a really glowy finish.


Cleanse: Rose Cream Cleanser

APPLY it in the evening to cleanse your skin.

This is a really gentle cream cleanser thats made with mineral rich mud to help soften your skin as it removes makeup. It uses rose and chamomile flower to gentle soothe your skin along with avocado which conditions and moisturises. I love this because it’s a really gentle cleanse and doesn’t make me feel dry like other cleansing products.

Moisturise: Rose Ceramide Cream

APPLY daily as and when you need a deep hit of moisture to your face and body.

This is a really rich, thick moisturising cream that’s infused with rose flower and rosemary oil to drench your skin in hydration. The ceramide provides time release moisture to keep your skin hydrated while probiotics protect your skin from environmental stressors.

pixi-rose-products-style-rarebit-beauty-blog pixi-rose-products-style-rarebit-beauty-blog

Remove Makeup: Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

APPLY it in the evening to remove your makeup.

These are designed to remove all traces of makeup, including really stubborn waterproof mascara to leave you with really clean skin. They’re made with chamomile, rose extract and grape seed oil so unlike traditional makeup wipes, they’ll leave your skin cleansed but balanced.



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