La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review

Being a huge fan of Avene, I’m not sure why I waited so long to venture into using La Roche Posay. As another strong French skincare brand, who also incorporate and anti-irritating thermal spring water into their products I should have known this would work wonders for me.lrpStarting with the Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Perfection Care, this was recommended to me by my Aunty who said it did amazing things for her skin and I’ve also seen this in a Model Recommends video. It’s a very light gel, it glides over the skin really easily and it doesn’t leave you with the very tight dry feeling that a lot of acne products do. You can instantly see a reduction in your pores and after using it for about three days I noticed a significant difference in my skin. I didn’t have a single breakout and in areas where my skin had been problematic I noticed it becoming clearer, less red and smoother.

The ingredients include Niacinamide and Piroctone which promise to reduce severe local imperfections and prevent breakouts. It also contains LHA/Linoleic Acid to unclog pores and La Roche Posay spring water to sooth over sore skin. This honestly worked better for me than a cream I was prescribed by doctor which dried my skin so much that it was left red and irritated (not sure whats worse, that or zits?). It’s definitely a miracle product, if such a thing was ever to exist and delivers quickresults.

As I loved this so much I decided to purchase the Purifying Foaming Gel as well, as it’s in the same range and targeted towards oily/sensitive skin. It has a really light feel and again your not left with a tight feeling as you are after cleansing with other products. Swapping my normal face wash for this, I’ve definitely noticed a difference, I have less breakouts but my skin is also less red and so much smoother. I think the key to these products is that they’re not too harsh, it’s not over cleansing or has too many harsh ingredients, so your skin is just left clean, refreshed and spot free.


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  1. Caro
    February 3, 2015 / 1:53 pm

    Awwww, I’m very honoured to be mentioned in your very brilliant blog! I love reading your blogs & think you are a brilliant writer (who I know will go onto amazing things in the future)..
    Love you lots. Xxx

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